About Yim Kids

Sadly here in Thailand, whether in Bangkok, visiting the exotic North or relaxing by one of the beautiful beaches that this country is so rich in, you do not need to venture far to see poverty.

Yim Kids (Yim is smile in Thai) has been established to fund sustainable projects throughout Thailand committed to improving educational opportunities and child health in the “Land of Smiles”.

For example:

  • In the infamous slum areas of Bangkok pre schools and Slum Shack schools (run by the NGO HDF Mercy Centre) operate. The cost for a child to be educated, feed and off the streets while their parents try and make a living is just 10 baht per day (US$ 57 per year per child). There are many families who just cannot afford this. By sponsoring these kids and maintaining the school buildings we can help break the poverty cycle with education.
  • Funding towards housing, feeding and educating abandoned children with HIV and sometimes their surviving mothers at the Mercy Centre in Bangkok (currently home to 63 children and 5 mothers)
  • Provision of funding to support the schools and the education of the poorest of the poor; Sea Gypsy and rubber tree tapper children, whose home land were devastated by the Tsunami specifically Koh Lao School, located in Ranong Province in Southern Thailand. ($57,000 USD per year)
  • Provide improvements to the fishing equipment of the Village of Koh Lon Island that was devastated by the Tsunami. The increased revenue from the improved equipment will support the education and living conditions of the children of Lone Island

The economic crisis has an enormous impact on everyone, but is devastating to the poor who cannot put rice on their plates let alone have money for their children’s education.

Every cent Yim Kids raises goes directly towards improving the future for the children of Thailand. All Accor’s administration is given on a voluntary basis by the Accor team and friends with the same community desire to “make a difference” for the kids of Thailand that need a helping hand.

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